Welcome to the ultra-cold neutron facility at the research reactor TRIGA Mainz.


The research subject of our group is the physics with ultra-cold neutrons (UCN). Such neutrons have velocities below 7 m/s. Due to their low kinetic energy, these particles can be stored in traps for over hundreds of seconds. UCN allow to study the fundamental properties of the neutron like its lifetime, a possible non-zero electric dipole moment, and also its neutrality. 

There are currently three main fields on which our work is focused: 1) the development and operation of an intense source for ultra-cold neutrons at the reactor TRIGA Mainz, 2) the perfomance of UCN experiments at this source, e.g., the measurement of the neutron lifetime, and 3) the participation in an international collaboration aiming to search for a non-zero electric dipole moment of the neutron.

The UCN-facility at beam port D of the TRIGA Mainz is part of the Cluster of Excellence PRISMA at our University. The source was installed 2006 in a collaboration between the Institutes of Physics and Nuclear Chemistry. It is in operation since 2012.

Experiments with ultra-cold neutrons are mainly related to questions of astro-particle physics like the domination of matter over antimatter in our Universe or the genesis of the lightest elements in the so-called primordial nucleosynthesis directly after the Big Bang.

With the powerful UCN source at TRIGA Mainz, a new field of fundamental research in physics has been opened in Mainz. We are looking for the support of young bachelor, master, diploma and PhD students with interest in fundamental neutron and astro-particle physics. 

In case you have any questions concerning our work or our open positions, please feel free to contact us.

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